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 Applying to the Greatest Clan Eva!!

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PostSubject: Applying to the Greatest Clan Eva!!   Thu Sep 18, 2008 2:17 pm

1. Character name Teresa
2. Class/subclasess, lvls :SWM 78, MoonLight S 78, SpS 77, 77 DC
3. Noblesse (yes/no):Yeperz
4. Where are you from ? EsT -5:00
5. Naked pics: Uhh. XD
6. Can you use Ventrilo (yes/no) mic (yes/no) ?: Ya
7. Can you log late at night or early at mornings for epics? Always
8. Lineage 2 experience : Since CT5 lol so 4 yrs +
9. Previous clans on this server: Well I was in the noobiest clan ever. Since I left the server for a few months I came back and they clanned me. (Outlaws... FFS I regret this) Worst clan ever. They say use Teamspeak. So im on. All i hear is Brazillian. How the f*** do you expect me to understand that shit. I left clan ASAP.
10.Friends in clan: Jetex
11. Why do we need you : Im active, i like playing support, I love to pvp and farm and all that stuff Very Happy
12. Why do you want to join us: Because I think i can help you guys pvp when there arnt many SWM or DCs on and you guys are a strong clan and do epics, seige and everything.
13. Daily Activity: 5 hours +
14. Current Gear: DC set +5, Maj L +4, Tallum +6, Drac bow focus +0, a grade bows :S, tat set +4


Ps. Ima try going for hero. But idn if my armour will be good so ima try getting an imperial set Very Happy
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Applying to the Greatest Clan Eva!!
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