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PostSubject: Applycation   Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:34 pm

1. Character name : Xaturn
2. Class/subclasess, lvls : HellKnight77 / Titan78/ Doomcryer78 / Sws65
3. Noblesse (yes/no): yes
4. Where are you from ? GMT +/- Spain, GMT +2 atm
5. Naked pics:
6. Can you use Ventrilo (yes/no) mic (yes/no) ?: yes, yes
7. Can you log late at night or early at mornings for epics? yes
8. Lineage 2 experience : pvp servers + nanaki
9. Previous clans on this server: UltimateGuardian, BestFriends4Ever
10.Friends in clan: LonelyArrow
11. Why do we need you : more pepople, more fun
12. Why do you want to join us: Second try to join you, now i think its the moment Smile
13. Daily Activity: Itll be +3 in normal days and all the day in weekends (>12)
14. Current Gear: Mj heavy set. dragon slayer, tallum glaive, curseddagger (ftw), nm shield, dc robe set, hom acu, tts set+4 (neckkclace +5)
I broke my DLE +9 to 10 and i gave all the stuff before leaving, HellKnight is w/o weapon, but i've got bsc12 so ill have FB focus the next week

I plan to cancel the titan if possible after level the sws and create a sps , i love that nuker Smile
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