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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY   Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:10 pm

What are we looking for ?

There are a few spaces to be filled in clan. We're looking mainly for some certain classes and for your ability to be flexible and suitable for every kind of party. You should have a 2 dd / 2 support character or anything close to that. We need people who are cabable of playing both support or DD classes if needed.

Noblesse is required
Team-spirit is required
High playtime is required
S grade weapon at least for the DD classes is required

If you think you are the guy who are we looking for :

Copy & Paste this into your application

1. Character name :
2. Class/subclasess, lvls :
3. Noblesse (yes/no):
4. Where are you from ? GMT +/-
5. Naked pics:
6. Can you use Ventrilo (yes/no) mic (yes/no) ?:
7. Can you log late at night or early at mornings for epics?
8. Lineage 2 experience :
9. Previous clans on this server:
10.Friends in clan:
11. Why do we need you :
12. Why do you want to join us:
13. Daily Activity:
14. Current Gear:
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